Strictly old jokes…

A busy evening, moved both of my personally hosted wordpress blogs BACK to the wordpress website.  I LOVE WordPress BUT HATE having to regularly update my own servers.  I tried this evening and lost one blog totally, so I’ve moved them both onto WordPress – which was relatively painless, but they both need some cosmetic attention!

Strictly Dancing is back on our UK TV screens, back with the ancient ‘Brucie’ and his older-still jokes!  That’s what’s on the TV and what gives me the title for this post!

I hope I don’t regret moving my blogs over – I’m sure WordPress should be around for as long as my web hosting company will be!  That was always my big fear – spending years creating a blog to be proud of,  only to loose it all when the blog hosting company folds – lets hope my fears come to nothing – here’s to MANY more WordPress years!Nick

Sometimes I really hate MySQL

whatever that is! – I made one little tiny change to the “innerds” of this WordPress installation and hey presto everything went very wrong.  Suddenly I could no longer log in to administrate this site! Or post anything, or change ANYTHING!  Mega bother! – So I had to delete the LOT!!!!!!! so several hours later I am back where I started!  Oh well, just remind me NOT to try and change ANYTHING else! nick_rvsm

5th Feb 09 Bother, blast and all that

And it was going so well…  I had been using this blog for a little while.  I had settled in, etc, etc. Then I had a bright idea!  The idea was to install a SECOND WordPress website for another site I own on the same server.  It was all going well until I decided to change the root domain.  I sorted out many links BUT then when it came to this blog I was defeated!  In the end I had to delete EVERYTHING – and here we are!

I have bunged the previous posts into a post – that will do for now!

Sometimes, only sometimes, I REALLY hate computers… nick_rvsm

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