Toothache is a pain… in the mouth!

Ahhh, toothache!  I’ve been a martyr to toothache for quite a few weeks now… At my 6 monthly (every three years) check-up  over Easter I complained about the ache.  The dentist prodded and proclaimed me cavity free.  I complained LOUDER about the pain so they took a ‘snapshot’ which their nice x-ray developing machine then promptly ate… so they sent me away.  A few weeks later I have more persistent pain so I revisit.  Again the prodding, again the no cavity, again the ‘photo’ BUT this time it reveals a hidden cavity – about 1/2 of a back tooth is cavity and producing quite a bit of pain… extraction due this Friday after a FURTHER two-week wait!  I guess this isn’t the last of the pain then!

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