Catch the Easter Bunny…

What a hoot!  If you are planning to visit Roves Farm, Highworth for Easter then DON’T read on – this post contains “spoilers” – you have been warned…

We visited today and what a super Easter Bunny hunt!  I attended with JJ (aged almost 3), her granny and a friend, Linda.

We all boarded the tractor trailer for the trailer ride.  Before we ‘departed’ the tractor driver told us that we were off to hunt for the Easter bunny, and that when we saw him we should all shout “EASTER BUNNY” very loudly as he was likely to be listening to music with his headphones on.  He had moved location since last year as he was fed up with being ‘bothered’ by children looking for eggs!  We set off, bumping along a track and shortly spied the lythe bunny relaxing on a chair by his straw bale home beside the rutted track.  He was singing along with the music in a loud voice “Yeah, we’re half way there…”

As you might imagine he was upset to have been found and after the initial shock (where he fell off his chair) he raced off along the track on his mountain bike.

Not to be left behind we all gave chase in the tractor and trailer.

Eventually the bunny tired of cycling along the rough grass and tumbled off his bike and took to his feet running through the willow (planted for fuel use) fields so we kept catching glimpses as we drove alongside the field.  Suddenly we came to a track that crossed ours at right-angles and headed through the field.  The bunny was there in front of us cartwheeling before heading for a quad bike parked in the willow.  The jumped aboard and we gave chase once more.  Several times we glimpsed him as his path criss-crossed with ours until we spied him down a side track abandoning his broken down quad bike and plunging once more off into the willow.

Our tractor pulled us around the edge of the field before coming to a semi-circular “clearing” where we decanted and set about creeping towards the edge of the willow looking out for the bunny.

Suddenly he broke cover and made a dash for it carrying a wicker basket with him.  He circled the tractor and trailer twice with at least 30 children and their adults giving chase before being caught.  He offered to give them all eggs in return for letting him go.  All the children were more than happy with that deal.

JJ was totally entranced from her first glance of the bunny in the distance and yelling “Easter Bunny” throughout the whole ‘chase’ to the final drive away from the Bunny where he kept waving until we were all out of site!

He did let slip (as an aside to us adults) that he have 12 days of Easter still left, and only 7 tractor rides per day!  – He will remain a fit and lythe bunny this year I think!nick_rvsm

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