08 Jan 09 Virtual Training


Well, it’s the eve of the first Oxon Virtual training session in SL!
A select band of guinea pigs has been assembled and will (SL permitting) get together in world to start our e-Safety training session… This is scheduled to cover a few weeks, over 4 sessions. Evaluation will follow and then, maybe, a full and official launch OR SL obscurity… nick_rvsm

28 Nov 08 eSafety

I spent a LONG day with the lovely police people of CEOP (the Child Exploitation Online Protection team) in London yesterday. The upshot? yes I am still “at large” and also, I am proud to announce, now a CEOP Ambassador. I hope anybody wandering across this blog should already understand CEOP’s role, and now as an ambassador, I can help them by training teachers to become trainers so that they can confidently help young people stay e-safe!

As Steve (you know how you are) said, “The internet is a wonderful place, you can’t turn off the internet, instead we need to empower young people to stay in control.”

Everything is based around learning resources, all of which are available from the super website Think-U -Know

There are dedicated sections for 5-7 year olds, 8-11 year olds, 11+ year olds, parents and teachers/trainers.

Packed with activities for children of all ages, packed with information for children AND parents, and loads of information and resources for teachers.

Parents can also register for regular email updates too.

All this FOR FREE.

Check out www.thinkuknow.co.uk  nick_rvsm



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