09 Dec 08 RIP Oliver Postgate, aged 83


Oliver Postgate dies, a name completely intertwined with Bagpus and The Clangers (amongst MANY others).

The thing I have found out today is that Major Clanger, trying to open the big sliding doors of the main
cave mouth, finds it is jammed and his first line is: “Oh sod it! The bloody thing’s stuck again!”
I know you don’t believe me but I heard the actual line this morning, and there it is, whistled for all to hear!
This was something that the BBC management hauled Oliver in to explain. Apparently the shows were fully scripted, then “played” on a range of swannee whistles. This line nearly had to be cut. Apparently Oliver was told “You know quite well we can’t say things like that on childrens’ programmes.” To which he replied, “But .. ” I said, “they don’t say it. They whistle it.” The management retorted with “But surely people will know?” But Oliver had an answer, “If they have nice minds they will hear him say ’Oh dear me. The naughty thing is jammed again.’” And that was ok!


If you want to know more visit http://www.clangers.co.uk/ where there is a wealth of Clangers information (including the “Censored” bit as above).  nick_rvsm

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