iPads are go

Finally I have my hands on an iPad and I love it! Sort-of touch typing is possible, Pages is superb for making notes etc. This is being written using the iPad WordPress app (a free one) not to mention the BBC iPlayer and TV Catchup… Photos are beautiful with this large glossy screen… Ebooks from Kindle as well as Apple’s own iBooks too. Beautiful apps for nature, sky gazing and more – can you tell I’m sold?



Why do it? Why offer to give a LITTLE time to a charity organisation? A little becomes a lot if you’re not very careful and strong and good at saying “no, enough” and then you are left resenting the people and the organisation…
Take a step back.
Take a deep breath.
Remember WHY you started doing this.
Think, “maybe I am making a difference” and then carry on…
Anyone out there got some spare time on their hands?nick_rvsm

Super Weekend, lovely Wedding…

We spent the weekend in Cambridge for the wedding of Chloe and Shawn.  The photos are arriving online (slowly) – there are some already up on Flickr!

Lovely ceremony at Anstey Hall, Trumpington. Followed by cream teas and then dinner.  Lovely people.  I don’t really know either Chloe or Shawn as Chloe was my wife’s childhood friend, but they were both lovely people with a great bunch of friends.  The entertainment was also excellent – a Blues Brothers Tribute band.  The whole wedding was themed around the Blues Brothers, colours were black and white, the ‘men’ all wore the hats and walked the walk.

JJ was really cute, loving every minute of it!

Shawn is a trails rider in Canada – apparently well known! Check out this link

To Shawn and Chloe – thanks for the superb day and good luck to both of you! nick_rvsm

Happy Valentines all…

I guess I can also take this opportunity to wish everyone a Happy Valentines day (especially those close to me – you know who you are!).  I hope everyone who is still looking finds love! nick_rvsm

A belated happy Unix 1234567890

You may have seen in the news that yesterday (Friday) at 23:31:30 marked a special internet time of 1234567890 seconds since 1st Jan 1970 (unix time). This came with the worrying news that unix time ceases in 2038 (around my 68th birthday) where the whole world (might) come crashing apart! Lets hope some bright individuals save us all before then!
For further information read the Times here nick_rvsm

Trying "Tweetie"

If it’s good enough for Stephen Fry then I guess it’s worth looking at. He seems obsessed with his apple “stuff” – speak of the devil and there is another new tweet from him – live from LA! nick_rvsm

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