Taking control of my corner of the internet…

My digital presence has been neglected for many months.  I have spent some time this Easter break taking control of the runaway horses of my digital footprint!

I have streamlined the various assorted domains in my possession and taken control of where SOME of them now point!

This is my personal blog and personal ramblings.  I don’t expect ANYONE to read these!  I have consolidated my older blog at nickspeller.me and moved that to buzzingEd and reinstated it once more.  That’s where you can find my educationally-biased ramblings and ideas.  I might also reintroduce my links page too!



Snow days…

We’ve had about 8 inches of snow and the school’s I should have been working with are all closed (along with the majority of Oxfordshire schools).  We’re all at home – working now we’re back from sledging and snowballing.  I’ve uploaded some photos to Flickr – see to the right of this page.

Long period of quietness comes to an end…

I realise that there has been a prolonged period of quietness from this blog recently (unlike the radiator under my desk that has just belched loudly!) so I thought it was time I updated.  It’s not that I have not been blogging BUT recently I have been working on a blog pulling together ICT and Education-related news/comments etc which I am helping to share with teachers (mainly aimed at Oxfordshire teachers really).  Finding, choosing, editing, presenting these snippets is quite time consuming but the number of hits is growing steadily with weekly hits regularly nearing 100 already!

As to home-based news, we are preparing for Christmas slowly – presents have taken a back seat with our recent move but now that’s mostly complete I think we can start gearing up for Christmas now!  The large (too large) conifer which dominates the front corner of our new home is bedecked with lights now and at the weekend various members of the family helped to make a wreath for our front door which is now proudly hanging there welcoming visitors.

The girls secret Christmas present has been ordered and will arrive this week hopefully – when it will no longer be a secret as it is FAR to large to be hidden, and will involve yours truly spending a considerable amount of time constructing it BEFORE Christmas!

Photos to follow I’m sure!

Well enough for now…

Crashed, but not burned

I launched my glider on its maiden flight this morning with an audience of children… it crashed within seconds destroying the nose propeller…

I replaced the propeller blades and managed another four few-second flights during which we lost the wings a few times.

The final flight saw the gilder loop upside down and crash nose first breaking the wings in two.

Super glue is doing its job now – lets hope it works!

Flying is much harder than it looks – maybe I should leave it to the experts! Nick

Strictly old jokes…

A busy evening, moved both of my personally hosted wordpress blogs BACK to the wordpress website.  I LOVE WordPress BUT HATE having to regularly update my own servers.  I tried this evening and lost one blog totally, so I’ve moved them both onto WordPress – which was relatively painless, but they both need some cosmetic attention!

Strictly Dancing is back on our UK TV screens, back with the ancient ‘Brucie’ and his older-still jokes!  That’s what’s on the TV and what gives me the title for this post!

I hope I don’t regret moving my blogs over – I’m sure WordPress should be around for as long as my web hosting company will be!  That was always my big fear – spending years creating a blog to be proud of,  only to loose it all when the blog hosting company folds – lets hope my fears come to nothing – here’s to MANY more WordPress years!Nick

The New Look…

The new look for the blog/site utilises a caricature created by Luisa Calvo (http://www.wickedcaricatures.com/)  at the ReLIVE08 conference dinner.  Luisa is a digital caricaturist working directly on a tablet computer (also displaying it on a HUGE screen behind you at the same time (entertaining for those watching!).  If you are looking for something different to liven up an occasion I would highly recommend her to you! And here is the whole caricature…   


11 Jan 09 Still following…


I’m still a silent Tweeter! I guess the people who are “following” me have probably forgotten that they ever did so! However, meanwhile, I have started “stalking” (following really) a couple of more unfortunates including Stephen Fry. I still like Twitter, I am still using Twitter daily, it’s just I don’t post!  nick_rvsm

09 Dec 08 RIP Oliver Postgate, aged 83


Oliver Postgate dies, a name completely intertwined with Bagpus and The Clangers (amongst MANY others).

The thing I have found out today is that Major Clanger, trying to open the big sliding doors of the main
cave mouth, finds it is jammed and his first line is: “Oh sod it! The bloody thing’s stuck again!”
I know you don’t believe me but I heard the actual line this morning, and there it is, whistled for all to hear!
This was something that the BBC management hauled Oliver in to explain. Apparently the shows were fully scripted, then “played” on a range of swannee whistles. This line nearly had to be cut. Apparently Oliver was told “You know quite well we can’t say things like that on childrens’ programmes.” To which he replied, “But .. ” I said, “they don’t say it. They whistle it.” The management retorted with “But surely people will know?” But Oliver had an answer, “If they have nice minds they will hear him say ’Oh dear me. The naughty thing is jammed again.’” And that was ok!


If you want to know more visit http://www.clangers.co.uk/ where there is a wealth of Clangers information (including the “Censored” bit as above).  nick_rvsm

26 Nov 08 My Personal Twitter Revolution…


I have “had” a twitter account for a little over a year. During that time I tried to use Twitter at Handheld Learning 2007 and 2008, but never really “got it”!

Now I do. And how did this revolution come about?

I was privalidged to attend the ReLIVE08 conference at the Open University. During this conference there was an open pannel debate session involving Roo Reynolds (BBC), Bill Thompson (freelance journalist), Claudia “Linden” (Second Life) and Edward Castronova (Economist). Pre-prepared questions were asked of the pannel BUT I was luck enough to be using a laptop to collate a set of personal wiki notes and I also installed TweetDeck (having seen it in action on a collague’s (Carol) laptop.

Throughout the whole 1.5 hour session there was a constant Twitter stream from attendees AND those watching the live TV feeds remotely. This was monitored by the chair and two of the pannel, they also contributed to the tweets as well as actually sharing them with the audience by presenting peopl’e questions and views.

Since the conference I have started following Bill and Roo’s tweets and they have proved to be adictive!

Edward Castronova told the assembled throng that he has no longer “doing” social networking – he had become adicted – and now I’m beginning to understand how…

As to Twitter -I get it, I can NOW see value, BUT I don’t post! – I don’t have anything important enough to say for people to be posting! nick_rvsm

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