Harnessing Technology Conf09 is nearly go

The Harnessing Technology conference is almost here. We’ve been over to the Grove Williams F1 centre this afternoon laying out floor plans and organising stand building. It’s looking very good (even if I do say so myself!).
We’ve decided to run a hash tag for Twitter of #oxict09 alongside our normal #oxteach for the day.
It all kicks off at 12pm but we’ll be there from 8am.
Teachers and school Governors welcome!

Virtual Worlds Best Practices in Education

Manning a ‘booth’ all about our eSafety training for teachers in Second Life at the “Virtual Worlds Best Practices in Education” conference.

The conference spans Friday 27th March 2009 to Sunday 29th March 2009.

For further information click the link above OR the image below!



Attending and participating…

I’m in London at Game Based Learning 2009.  Today is the un-conference half-day.  I am here with James from the “team”.  I am in the Pecha Kucha session this afternoon.  

A couple of weeks ago I “offered” to do a Pecha Kucha session on our e-Safety teacher training in Second Life, but didn’t follow up on it – until I got an email yesterday telling me I had a slot in the afternoon!

I threw together a presentation (rules are 20 slides x 20 seconds each = 6 mins 40 seconds of “pain”)

Got here, owned up to being here, loaded my presentation up on their machine and sat back to check twitter… (big mistake).  Their technology broke down and so me (sitting in the front row with a working laptop in hand) was asked to step up and OPEN the session!

Well, I did.


Nuff said! nick_rvsm

Getting annoyed…

SLED (Second Life Educators list) is responsible. For a couple of years I have lurked receiving the daily digest from the email list. I have increasingly ignored and deleted this as it is an indigestible digest! I found I was scrolling through lines and lines of quoted text and stuff that I just wasn’t interested in to get to a couple (if I was lucky) of “jems”. So this week I decided to move from the digest to the “as they come” mode hoping I can delete stuff I am not interested in from the subject line and then only read the interesting things in a timely manner! THEN an argument has broken out… Up to now the list has been almost exclusively posted in English. Then someone posted in Spanish looking for some Spanish help (not a bad idea really) but it has BLOWN up so that we now have people recommending that all of the list users post in their native language. A tower of Babel!!! Given that I speak no other languages really, and can read a similar amount this would make the list unusable by me – and several other people said the same. We all agreed that any of us could delete the languages we could not access. Someone asked us to use the technology to translate the posts – GREAT idea, so I’ve got to try and work out which language a post is written in, then get it translated to find out if I want to read it!

NOW we’ve got people accusing other people of being racist!

About time I opted out altogether I think – SLED stinks? nick_rvsm

08 Jan 09 Virtual Training


Well, it’s the eve of the first Oxon Virtual training session in SL!
A select band of guinea pigs has been assembled and will (SL permitting) get together in world to start our e-Safety training session… This is scheduled to cover a few weeks, over 4 sessions. Evaluation will follow and then, maybe, a full and official launch OR SL obscurity… nick_rvsm

28 Nov 08 eSafety

I spent a LONG day with the lovely police people of CEOP (the Child Exploitation Online Protection team) in London yesterday. The upshot? yes I am still “at large” and also, I am proud to announce, now a CEOP Ambassador. I hope anybody wandering across this blog should already understand CEOP’s role, and now as an ambassador, I can help them by training teachers to become trainers so that they can confidently help young people stay e-safe!

As Steve (you know how you are) said, “The internet is a wonderful place, you can’t turn off the internet, instead we need to empower young people to stay in control.”

Everything is based around learning resources, all of which are available from the super website Think-U -Know

There are dedicated sections for 5-7 year olds, 8-11 year olds, 11+ year olds, parents and teachers/trainers.

Packed with activities for children of all ages, packed with information for children AND parents, and loads of information and resources for teachers.

Parents can also register for regular email updates too.

All this FOR FREE.

Check out www.thinkuknow.co.uk  nick_rvsm



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