Live Music Thursday

Last night saw an unusual evening out with a superb night of live music at The Bullingdon in Oxford.  Not a venue I’ve attended before, but we were invited to the opening evening of The Lounge Kittens ’Brining up the rear’ tour.


The Kittens obviously have a real rapport with each other and their crowd.  They created wonderfully harmonic music which was really entertaining and engaging from a medley of hits from Kids programs of the ’80s to a Tina Turner tribute.  The Kittens included a number of new pieces in their set for this tour as well as some of their favourites.

The Kittens were supported by a superbly entertaining and talented duo ‘Rayguns look real enough‘.  As the supporting act we didn’t turn up until half way through their set but we were immediately captivated and engaged by their raucous and fast-paced music.