A rant on broadcast vs Internet entertainment

My increasing frustration with a government who seem to NOT value (or even really understand) technology has become more and more obvious to those who know me. In sorting out a few documents and blogs I came across the embryo of an idea (you could call it a rant) which occurred to me as I listened to a radio news bulletin a few weeks ago. I thought I’d share it here now…

I couldn’t believe what I heard on the radio this morning, an argument from the early 1980s that said we need to unbundle local TV to encourage more TV channels…

Have the ministers responsible not heard of this thing called the Internet? They are promoting a one-way broadcast medium, spending money to encourage growth in an area, presumably just in an endeavour to make money from licences!

I watch less broadcast TV than ever. That which I do, I watch in a time-shifted way. If I notice something I want to watch I set it to record, or catch it via the Internet on watch/listen again. I get films and TV programs on demand via the Internet. I listen to Internet only radio, often via podcast at times to suit me. I watch Internet only TV in the same way.

Here is the government seeming to waste money in consulting and unbundling the airwaves when they should be investing MORE in internet infrastructure, the development of what Google have termed world wireless technologies etc.

How out of touch the government can seem…

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