Super Weekend, lovely Wedding…

We spent the weekend in Cambridge for the wedding of Chloe and Shawn.  The photos are arriving online (slowly) – there are some already up on Flickr!

Lovely ceremony at Anstey Hall, Trumpington. Followed by cream teas and then dinner.  Lovely people.  I don’t really know either Chloe or Shawn as Chloe was my wife’s childhood friend, but they were both lovely people with a great bunch of friends.  The entertainment was also excellent – a Blues Brothers Tribute band.  The whole wedding was themed around the Blues Brothers, colours were black and white, the ‘men’ all wore the hats and walked the walk.

JJ was really cute, loving every minute of it!

Shawn is a trails rider in Canada – apparently well known! Check out this link

To Shawn and Chloe – thanks for the superb day and good luck to both of you! nick_rvsm

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